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Time to accumulate little by little, your left to pick up these little pieces together the past, loved, hated, and crazy too, and hurt too, happy too, and despaired of, patchwork, shocked to discover that, even in mind, the word became entangled - miss! Those with memories of thoughts, full time for nearly a year I have been wrapped, and this year, I did a lot of effort, time and time again you return to our cruel denial of love home, I will be all, hiding in the heart, then with alcohol and mahjong slowly devouring of time and memory, numbness, even I, thought with a new relationship can you forget, I thought, I can love again, but when I do encounter of that I felt I could love a girl can not love, I know, my love, a year ago, has been freeze-frame in your body, as you come you go to the ends of pandora beads the earth, and that damn love as you should or should not have, follow you ... ... Over the years, the ups and downs we have traveled together, we experienced the many hardships together, and now is still vivid in my mind, once we are despised by others in the eyes of the hearts of family and moral ethics guilt by. We should not see this in the light of love revealed to the world, after all bear the unbearable weight of life, you leave that you do not love your love of the unfortunate man, I love you for this insisted were deeply moved, I am no different options and I quickly ended her marriage contract, out of the castle is decorated with harmonious and happy. That year we, embracing Xiang Xie a walk in the streets, enjoying the beauty of the season always have love, I do not know, back in our happy, you are carrying is a deep love you man guilt, I, for the love of my woman and daughter also has a dark heart of a guilt, but I moved in you for this selfless love, I know, when you select the eyes of others and me this feelings of embarrassment, you are behind much pressure to bear and sad ah, so I took the decision to pay for your many years of silence to give you a future, I left the others in the eyes with a warm and happy family.


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